Viessmann x mula.

Discover how our solution allowed Viessmann to strengthen the connection with their employees and enhance their employee experience.

Company summary.

As one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, cooling, and climate control technology, the Viessmann Group creates living spaces that meet the very highest standards. Founded in 1917, this family-run business maintains more than 13,000 staff.

company-summary-section.hq.labelAllendorf, Germany
company-summary-section.size.label13k Employees

The challenge.

The pandemic was hard for any organization and its employees. On top of the feeling of uncertainty brought on by this unexpected global event, the sudden distance created from remote working made it difficult to stay connected to fellow employees.


In the second half of 2021, when life slowly returned to some form of normality, Viessmann needed special and thoroughly branded items for their internal campaign “Reconnect”. The main objective was to restore the feeling of being in a family, the feeling of belonging.


15,000 products produced and delivered in 5 weeks.

The company planned on gifting these items to all employees around the world, creating more interaction with the team. To achieve this, 15,000 products needed to be produced and delivered worldwide within 5 weeks.



Greciacollections.testimonials.viessmann.job-title - Viessmann

The solution.

We created high-quality and practical branded merchandise for their staff. And with us managing the storage and delivery of their branded goods, we were able to provide them with a streamlined and seamless experience.


We worked closely with Viessmann to create designs that aligned perfectly with their ideas and products that met all the stages of the project life cycle.

Warehousing & fulfillment.

Our platform took over warehousing and fulfilment, enabling Viessmann to swiftly distribute their branded products worldwide. During the entire campaign life-cycle, we worked with Grecia and her team at Viessmann to give them a smooth experience and make sure every delivery was made on schedule.


A well-planned campaign.

The campaign was divided into two phases, "connect" and "appreciate". At the end of both phases, the feedback from the employees was overwhelmingly positive, making this campaign a complete success.



To start the campaign, Viessmann executed the “Connect'' stage, where two different-colored wristbands were distributed. One half of the wristbands showcased fist bumps and the other half a stop hand sign. This was a way of showing how each “family member” wanted to be approached when coming back to the office.



The second phase was the “Appreciation” stage, where the C-level executives handed out gifts, like branded bottles and caps, to their employees in person and grabbed a coffee with them. They wanted to greet their employees with a warm welcome back.


The Feedback.

Employees from all over the world and from diverse units loved the gifts, especially their quality. Grecia received many emails thanking her for the goodies. The employees also shared stories about how the merch could endure the harshest conditions, like the work in the production lines or even their kids playing with them.


The perfect partner.

“mula is very customer driven and oriented, and it has been since day one.”

Viessmann - Grecia, Business Enablement & Activation Manager


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