Create the perfect onboarding experience.

Get early employer brand buy-in and integrate your new hires into your team from day one by sending out branded pre- and onboarding boxes to them.


A first impression that lasts.

Already a standard and best practice of people operations, employee pre- and onboarding boxes have many benefits for your employer brand as well as the performance and retention of your new hire.

Share information

Share information

A pre- or onboarding box is a great chance to share relevant information with your new hire - from company values to the agenda of their first day.

Ensure inclusion

Ensure inclusion

Pre- and onboarding boxes make your new hires feel welcomed and as part of the team right away - especially when they are located remotely.

Build connection

Build connection

The branded items included in a pre- or onboarding box tell a story, creating an instant connection between your new hire and your employer brand.

Create buy-in

Create buy-in

Above all, pre- and onboarding boxes ensure your new hire buys into the claims of your employer brand - such as employee care - right away.


Create your own onboarding box.

Creating your own employee pre- and onboarding box is incredibly easy - just follow a simple 3-step process to get your box ready for distribution.

Step 1: Packaging.

Choose the packaging type for your box based on your individual needs.


Recycled Box

An eco-friendly option made from recycled cardboard. You can get the box in black or natural brown and customize it with two-color text print.

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Recycled Premium Box

This box is similar to the recycled onboarding box, but has a full-custom color print option and is available in extra large.

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Luxury Box

An elegant option with all-over color print and glossy finish. The inlay and inside card pocket are fully customizable.

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Premium Tote Bag

A durable, high-quality tote bag in which you can put all your other items. It is a great choice as it can be reused numerous times.

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A spacious, sturdy backpack that offers ample space for your gifts. It can be reused every day, making it perfect for the office and after-work activities.

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Step 2: Products.

Select the right products for your box based on your employer brand.

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Step 3: Customizations.

Customize your box further to make your employer brand stand out even more.


Duct tape

Customize your duct tape to create a cohesive look across your entire packaging.

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Tissue paper

Enhance your packaging with custom tissue paper, featuring an all-over print of your logo or design.

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Water and tear-resistant, this packaging is designed to protect your items while showcasing your brand.

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Filling material

Protect your items and make your box look more attractive with our filling material, available in black or white.

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Take the extra step and automate all your employee deliveries.

From preboarding to onboarding boxes - and everything after that - automate all employee merchandise workflows by integrating the mula platform with your HRIS tool.

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One solution for all your merchandise needs.

From product branding to storage and order fullfilment – the mula solution offers automated workflows and more flexibility managing your merchandise. The best part? All your processes are centralized in one intuitive platform.

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One solution for all your merchandise needs

Frequently asked questions.

The main difference is the time you sent the box to your new hire. Preboarding boxes usually get sent out after they sign with you, but before their first day. Onboarding boxes are usually received on the first working day. They both contain branded products, but they are different in terms of what content and outcome they prioritize - preboarding boxes usually contain information about your company and aim at retaining your new hire until their first day, while onboarding boxes contain team and office items - think a hoodie and a notebook - and aim at making your new employee feel included and ready in their new position.

A great preboarding box usually includes relevant information on your company and a brand product that retain your new hire until their first day. We recommend to have one stand-out product in a preboarding box, rather than including multiple products, like you usually would in an onboarding box. This product should be something special, something that really shows your appreciation that this new hire chose your company to work for. The easiest way to achieve that is to go with something more expensive of course, but the pricing is not the deciding factor here. The product just needs to have that certain "wow" factor. Additionally, you can include a flyer or similar, in which to tell your company story or elaborate further on your employer brand values.

Getting your onboarding box for new hires right is one of the most surefire ways to up your employer branding game. Since welcoming new employees with onboarding boxes has become a standard for most companies, you need to get this right in order to stand out from the competition. That being said, an onboarding box is something very personal to each employer brand. Therefore it is impossible to give a stencil pattern of the "perfect" onboarding box. However, there are a few best practices you can follow to get this right. Number one, choose packaging and products that are both meaning- and useful. Is sustainability part of your company values? Then you should choose sustainable options for packaging and products. Is one of your employee benefits a "cycle to work" scheme? Maybe include a bike product. Number two, brand and customize to the max. Now, that does not mean you need to add crazy patterns all over the products you chose (unless you want to), but you should do more than just slap a logo on them. Get strategic, and think about how to communicate your brand through product design - your dedicated mula designer can help you do so. And last but not least: get personal. Do not forget to add in a personal message to your new hire with a welcoming greeting. Follow these steps, and we promise your onboarding box will be a success.

You can customize your box and its contents in a lot of different ways. For your products, you can choose from a broad pantone color palette as well as a lot of different add-ons. Your packaging can be customized using duct tape for a unified look, custom tissue paper featuring your logo or design, a water and tear-resistant polybag, and filling material to both protect your items and elevate the box's appearance. We do have some limitations for some product and packaging options, but in general you can go completely wild here.