The perfect onboarding experience.

Sending new starters a customized onboarding box is a great way to welcome and integrate them into your company from day one.


Impressions that last.

Impress your employees, new hires, and customers with a personalized, branded boxes that showcases your brand.


How to create your custom onboarding box?

Choose your packaging type and select products for your onboarding box based on your needs.



An eco-friendly option made from recycled cardboard. You can get the box in black or natural brown and customize it with a two-color text print.

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Premium Recycled

This box is similar to the recycled onboarding box, but it has a full-custom color print option. You can get this box in extra large, making it perfect for bulkier items.

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An elegant option with all-over color print and glossy finish. You can add an inlay that matches the shape of your box’s content and a pocket on the inside of the lid for a card.

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Premium Tote Bag

A durable, high-quality tote bag in which you can put all your other items. It is a great choice as it can be reused numerous times.

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A spacious, sturdy backpack that offers ample space for your gifts. It can be reused every day, making it perfect for the office and after-work activities.

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Customize your box even further.

Discover our packaging customizations and make your brand stand out even more.


Duct tape

Customize your duct tape to create a cohesive look across your entire packaging.

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Tissue paper

Enhance your packaging with custom tissue paper, featuring an all-over print of your logo or design.

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Water and tear-resistant, this packaging is designed to protect your items while showcasing your brand.

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Filling material

Protect your items and make your box look more attractive with our filling material, available in black or white.

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Create your own experience.

Get in touch with our Sales team to discuss your vision.

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FAQs for Custom Onboarding Boxes.

A custom onboarding box is a special package we make to welcome new people to your company, like employees or customers. It's important because it's a fantastic way to show them you care and to introduce them to your company's style right from the start.
To impress your newbies, go for a box or even backpack that's all about your company. Put your logo, cool designs, and neat stuff inside to leave a great first impression.
You can choose eco-friendly recycled boxes for a sustainable option, or opt for premium recycled boxes with colorful prints. Additionally, we offer luxurious boxes with vibrant colors and a glossy finish, as well as durable premium tote bags and spacious everyday backpacks to suit your needs.
Certainly, you can enhance your packaging with additional customizations, including duct tape for a unified look, custom tissue paper featuring your logo or design, a water and tear-resistant polybag, and filling material to both protect your items and elevate the box's appearance.