Build brand loyalty with anniversary gifts.

From customer to employee anniversaries – reward the continued loyalty of your most important brand ambassadors with branded anniversary gifts.

Create long-term brand ambassadors among customers and employees.

When employees and customers feel valued, they are more likely to stay with a company and become brand ambassadors. Creating branded touchpoints of appreciation for the occasion of an anniversary is the perfect way to show your appreciation and build long-term brand loyalty.

Increase happiness

Increase happiness

Appreciating employees and customers on the occasion of their anniversaries with you, increases employee and customer satisfaction.

Establish preference

Establish preference

Receiving a gift for the occasion of an anniversary makes it more likely for employees and customers to prefer your brand over others.

Build loyalty

Build loyalty

Anniversary gifts create an emotional connection and positive association with employees and customers, building brand loyalty over time.

Create ambassadors

Create ambassadors

Positive brand associations created through anniversary gifts will turn your employees and customers into active brand ambassadors over time.

Employee anniversaries

By celebrating employee anniversaries, you show your team members how much you value them and their contribution to your company. This personal recognition of their dedication and continued loyalty helps create a more positive culture in which employees feel appreciated and supported, and are more likely to stay with you in the years to come.

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Customer anniversaries

Sending your customers gifts of appreciation for every anniversary of their partnership with you will strengthen their connection to your brand and increases their retention as customers. Customer anniversary gifts also have an immense social proof and branding value, giving your customers something tangible to share about your brand with their network.

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Cover all your anniversary gifting with prepacked mula boxes.

We got you covered from 1 to 10-year anniversaries – and everything in between. Choose from one our anniversary gift boxes ideas, appropriate for both customers and employees.

We source on demand.

Do you need a specific product to send as an anniversary gift to your employees or customers? We are more than happy to source any product on demand.

We source on demand

Fully automate your anniversary gift deliveries.

Covering important anniversary milestones of both customers and employees, automate all merchandise workflows by integrating the mula platform with your CRM or HRIS tool.

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Fully automate your anniversary gift deliveries

One solution for all your merchandise needs.

From product branding to storage and order fulfilment – the mula solution offers automated workflows and more flexibility managing your merchandise. The best part? All your processes are centralized in one intuitive platform.

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One solution for all your merchandise needs