FREE NOW x mula.

Discover how we helped FREE NOW to automate onboardings and create a unified experience for their employees.

Company summary.

FREE NOW is the leading Mobility Super App in Europe, offering the widest selection of vehicles for consumers. Available in 10 markets and over 170 cities, users can conveniently access various mobility services, including public transport, taxis, private hire vehicles, car sharing, e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds, all within a single app.

Free Now
company-summary-section.type.labelIT Mobility
company-summary-section.hq.labelHamburg, Germany
company-summary-section.size.label1250 Employees

Project achievements.

Together with FREE NOW we overachieved on the project goals and KPIs.

Unified onboarding experience.

With the automated delivery of onboarding kits, FREE NOW created a uniform experience for all their newcomers of which 80% felt strongly positive about.


Easy inventory management.

With a simple and efficient overview of items stored, delivery time and storage space all in one place, FREE NOW's Employer Branding Manager could plan their campaigns easily.


Considerable time saving.

By using mula’s warehousing and fulfilment solutions, FREE NOW saved weeks of their Office Managers time.


Favorite feature?

“Automation! It saves so much time. We were one of the first clients to use it and it enabled us to customize and automate the distribution process exactly to our needs"

Laura Neusser, Employer Branding Manager – FREE NOW


Europe-wide distribution made easy.

FREE NOW's employees are based all around Europe. With the help of mula’s platform, they were able to plan campaigns and automate shipments with ultimate consistency.


The challenge.

How to unify the employee onboarding experience in the era of hybrid work?

Unifying onboarding experiences

With remote working being a reality, organizations across the globe search for efficient ways to onboard new hires and connect them to their values and culture. This was also the case for the mobility super app FREE NOW. The onboarding experience was considerably different for office and remote workers, especially because the welcome kits were only delivered on site.

Laura Neusser


Laura Neussercollections.testimonials.freenow.job-title - FreeNow

The solution.

FREE NOW called on mula's storage and delivery services, and the results were loud and clear.


“...Then I opened the platform for the first time and I saw an inventory and that everything was there, the bags were already in stock and we just had to set the delivery address. Being my first week, I was so relieved that everything was there and not in some storage, it was so convenient and I was so happy to see how amazingly it was organized!”

Laura Neusser, Employer Branding Manager – FREE NOW

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Easy to use.

The instructions on how to operate the solution felt “almost unnecessary,” says Laura, since it’s so easy to use. She could simply manage all the merchandise and deliver it to all employees around the world. Once she'd learned the platform basics, the problem of running out of onboarding bags became a thing of the past. Laura started using mula's automation feature to optimize FREE NOW's processes even further. This way she managed to simplify the processes for all their needs – from onboarding kits to anniversary surprises and baby bundles for employees who just had kids.


Indispensable tool.

For Laura and the entire Employer Branding team, mula's platform became an indispensable tool that not only saved different departments time, but also created a unique experience for their coworkers.

What's next?

How does Laura see the future of FREE NOW's employer branding?\n

\nShe wants to transform their corporate merchandise into a marketing and HR asset. By wearing FREE NOW's branded items, their employees send a strong message to the market. Also, with the support of mula's sourcing services, the green custom products help their team to be more sustainable. As an example, Laura points out their custom pocket umbrella, which she carries around everywhere she goes. This item is incredibly sturdy and robust, giving it a much longer lifespan than the average product.


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