Kenjo x mula.

We supported Kenjo creating and distributing CI conform merchandise to boost their team identification.

Kenjo's Purpose.

Merchandising is a fun and cool tool to create engagement, to create a feeling of belonging. The same sensation that you get from a t-shirt from your favorite football club or band, you get from a t-shirt from the place where you spend 40 hours of your week.

+80% Process efficiency

Saving time and costs while storing and distributing their merchandise through our platform with mula.

9/10 Our product quality

Delivering high-end merchandise the team is wearing in the office and in their everyday life.

9/10 Our Net Promoter Score

How likely you are to recommend us to your friends & colleagues

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The challenge

We wanted to show our team that we appreciate and value them and who doesn't like merchandise? It was also important for us to work with a Berlin brand. We made our choice by seeing which merch quality has really amazed us from other companies, and we hesitated between mula. and Kymono, but decided to move forward with mula. as they had better suitable options for us.

The result

The team loved it, the embroidered logo, the amazing socks, the bag: simple with good quality and fun! The platform made it really easy for us. No back and forth with emails, really efficient, and everything we need in the same place. With mula.Plus we were able to save storage space in our office as all was stored with mula. The platform made it easy to ship our merchandise within a few clicks.


Because humans are more than resources. Kenjo is the HR software designed for the modern world. In a world where the workplace is changing, HR is evolving. Kenjo is here to support the HR team to become a strategic partner within their company, helping people to reach their potential, and the company to truly thrive


Kenjo has transported their Brand on pieces like Shirts, Socks, and Tote bags personalized with the logo and their cause.

Sarra ben Bader


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