Doctolib x mula.

Driving efficiency and enhancing customer experience: Discover how Doctolib streamlines their customer onboarding with mula.

Company summary.

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is a French technology company whose specialized online software simplifies doctor appointment booking, appointment management for healthcare facilities, and telemedicine video consultations.

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company-summary-section.size.label2800 Employees

Streamlining customer onboarding.

Discover how Doctolib transformed their customer onboarding with mula – achieving cost and time savings through streamlined merchandise processes.

The challenge.

To combat operational growing pains caused by rapid growth: Doctolib’s B2B merchandising operation needed to be consolidated to remove time-consuming processes and reduce rising costs, while providing a more holistic overview of merchandising activities to allow for clear cost and delivery forecasting.

The solution.

Through the mula platform, Doctolib is now able to procure and distribute all their branded materials through one supplier, centralizing design and production of all customer onboarding materials, as well as warehousing and fulfilment. This resulted in significant savings in time and resources while ensuring brand consistency.

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Cutting costs and reducing timely processes.

Our partnership brought about significant benefits to Doctolib’s customer onboarding operation, resulting in:


cost reduction per customer shipment


less time spent processing deliveries


Digital inventory and bulk delivery imports.

Doctolib now easily manages their merchandise inventory on the mula platform, granting greater visibility and minimizing the risk of stockouts or overstocking. Moreover, thanks to mula’s bulk delivery address feature, Doctolib can send customer onboarding boxes to all their new customers periodically, as opposed to individually.

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Consistent branding and quality assurance.

Prior to shipment, each Doctolib customer onboarding box is carefully checked by a member of our team, ensuring quality standards are met. Plus, every box is sealed with Doctolib-branded tape, meaning each customer knows exactly who it’s from!


Clear cost overviews and forecasting.

Now that Doctolib has a central partner for all merchandising activities, they can easily track their costs and forecast expenditures for upcoming periods.


A partnership with a greener future.

As part of our joint sustainability goals, we are working to make every delivery more environmentally friendly and reduce the carbon footprint. One such initiative is replacing the plastic display stand used in the Doctolib’s onboarding boxes.


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