Sharpist x mula.

We support Sharpist while onboarding new customers and get them excited with branded merchandise.

Start off on the right foot.

Since we at Sharpist really care about the learners' experience, we are keen to start off on the right foot. Therefore, it is very important to us to make it as personalized as possible.

+350 Surprised Customers

Sharpist is surprising their Customers with personalized Onboarding packages.

+100% Process efficiency

Increased efficiency while managing corporate merchandise through our platform.

9/10 Our Net Promoter Score

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The challenge

We at Sharpist want our Learners to have the best coaching experience possible. We found that mula. is a great service that helps to raise the excitement of our customers at the beginning of our collaboration even more. Personalized and branded merchandise is a great way to show our customers that each individual is highly appreciated and will be fully supported throughout their journey with Sharpist.

The result

mula. gives us the opportunity to reach our learners in the fastest way possible with a welcome package and a personal greeting. Thanks to mula’s modern conception, we are able to design our package in a beautiful and sustainable way. Through the full-service solution, we have the ability to design corporate merchandise with an “all at a glance” perspective for different target groups and distribute it to them globally with a few clicks.


Sharpist offers personalized learning for every employee worldwide through 1:1 digital coaching and continuous micro tasks. Our people development solution creates measurable business impact for your organization.


Our customers are very thankful for the branded merchandise that they receive from us via mula. and they highly appreciate it. The feedback from the learners, as well as from our new employees, is more than positive.

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