adjoe x mula.

We supported adjoe with their rebranding to create high-quality merchandise that represents their company.

company-summary-section.hq.labelHamburg, Germany
company-summary-section.size.label60 employees

The difference mula.Plus made for adjoe.

Biggest Advantage: It is great that we could store our merch with mula before we figure out storage in our own building and mula was flexible in sending only some parts of our merch to us and not the whole box/shipping


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The challenge

We recently re-branded our company and wanted our merchandise to reflect our fun new brand. That is why we looked at mula because they have cool items and that is what we were looking for. We also wanted to strengthen the loyalty, unity and employee engagement as well as reward our employees with stylish and high-quality merchandise. In addition, by using branded merchandise, we aim to increase our brand awareness and recognition as a part of our corporate branding strategy.

The result

mula has a very comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for approving the designs and checking the timeline of the whole process and delivery. So it is very efficient to check the status of the order and there is no need to wait for emails (although they do reply quite fast). 50 people were surprised so far and they loved it. Everyone was excited, whether it was taking their bottles to the gym, wearing their slides to our company trip or rocking their socks with their outfits.


adjoe creates mobile advertising and monetization solutions that enable game developers to acquire valuable users and publishers to maximize their revenue. Based in Hamburg, Germany adjoe is financially backed by Bertelsmann, Europe’s largest media conglomerate and member of the Applike Group. adjoe’s mission is to develop new and innovative ad solutions to support apps across the entire mobile ecosystem.

The designs.

According to adjoe’s needs

Regina Rehorovska


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