Trigger your merchandise shipments via bambooHR.

Connect your BambooHR account with our platform and benefit from automatic deliveries to your employees, customers, or clients triggered by predefined events.

Automate tasks for every occasion.

Thanks to our smart automation feature, you can easily define trigger events that automatically ship your branded merchandise. We'll take care of everything else — from carefully packing your selected items to handling the shipping process.

🤝🏽 Pre & Onboarding

Welcome your new starters by sending out a preboarding or onboarding kit automatically.

🍾 Anniversaries

Time to celebrate: Send anniversary gifts to your employees and business partners.

⚙️ Custom Events

Customize your own trigger events and ship gifts on time for the special occasion.

Simple to integrate.

Simple to integrate.

Quick and easy setup with no development necessary.

Customized solutions.

Customized solutions.

Create multiple automations with intelligent filters for different products.

Secure, compliant & transparent.

Secure, compliant & transparent.

We have several measures in place to ensure the safety of sensitive data.

Book a demo with our experts.

All we need from you is 30 minutes of your time to show you how our platform works and how we can help you streamline your merchandising activities.

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