Demodesk x mula.

We created high-end merchandise for Demodesk to take their onboarding process to the next level and support them with creating a sense of belonging in the team.

The difference mula made for Demodesk.

From increased efficiency to product quality - we provided a more impactful way of employer branding to Demodesk.

9/10 - our working process

How efficiently we worked and how clear our working process was

10/10 - our product quality

How good the quality of the products was that we delivered

9/10 - our warehouse & fulfilment service

How good the service was around storing and restocking products as required

10/10 - our overall service

How well we communicated and how good the entire service was

10/10 - our Net Promoter Score

How likely you are to recommend us to your friends & colleagues

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The challenge

Merchandise is a fun and cool way to keep in touch with your employees, and above all to create a sense of belonging. We wanted our people to feel appreciated, valued, and part of the same team. Especially when employees work from all over the world.

The result

During the onboarding process and a day before our new employees were due start, we sent a welcome package to all new starters to surprise them with our branded products. We were able to bring a big smile to 55 employees' faces. Everyone picked their favorite item and had it ready for our online meetings. This boosted our employee engagement online during meetings.

Company overview - Demodesk

Demodesk is a sales meeting platform that helps companies grow revenue faster and more efficiently by automating workflows, coaching sellers in real-time and providing insights into what's happening in customer conversations.

Demodesk website

The designs.

We designed the merch according to Demodesk’s needs and matched their branding.

Filippo Laita


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