OneFootball x mula.

When OneFootball needed a reliable partner to promote their new branding on custom apparel and promotional items they chose to work with us.

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Merchandise items can be a very powerful tool to bring a brand to life and give your employees a tangible and exciting experience. It creates a feeling of belonging when you wear and use the branded items at work and in your everyday life.

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Different types of merchandise: We produced unforgettable Employee and Fan merchandise with flashy designs and high quality.


Our product quality: Delivering lifestylish merchandise the team is wearing in the office and in their everyday life.


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One Football

OneFootball’s goal is to fuel the world’s football obsession. Reaching 85m football fans worldwide every month, OneFootball is the most popular football media platform for the new generation of football fans. It is the only app with a fully personalized home stream for non-stop news of your favorite club and the only company to offer single live football matches in-app on a free and pay-per-view basis. OneFootball operates a 24-hour newsroom to provide fans across the world with the comprehensive football content they crave.

The challenge

In June 2020 OneFootball launched a complete new Brand Design and for this purpose we also wanted to take the OneFootball's merchandise to the next level. Knowing that our employees are the first and best brand ambassadors, we wanted to create merchandise that the team is proud to wear and that has - just as our new brand - a very lifestylish approach.

The result

For smaller initiatives we have been already working with mula. for the past years. We decided to work with mula. because of the vast experience the team has when it comes to equip start-ups with merchandise and we also appreciated the very flexible approach. Also we could sense from the beginning that the mula. team has a good understanding of lifestylish and customized items. Another huge plus are the multiple sustainabilty options, certificates, etc. that mula. are able to offer. Everyone loved the items, especially the design and the quality of the items.

Rebranding meets merchandise.

Including the team in our new Brand design was essential. That's why we decided to meet them in their neighborhoods.

OneFootball Fanshop and Employer Brand with mula.

We receive a lot of positive feedback and requests from our fans on our YouTube channels when our OneFootball hosts are wearing the branded merchandise items, so we decided to give the store idea a chance.

Lisa Währer


Lisa Wä - OneFootball

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